STET: To whom ever it may concern - Onias Landveld

Vanaf 1 juli te zien via de website van STET.

‘To whom ever it may concern’ is a breathtaking monologue by actor and storyteller Onias Landveld. The video was especially recorded for Theater voor Keti Koti, with STET The English Theatre in The Hague.

The piece is a message about how the times have changed, yet how they remain the same. How lines were removed, yet were never removed. About how spirituality was swept of ancestral soils and replaced with religion. It is a message about the journeys of ancestors that we must keep remembering. And how future generations will once again walk on their ground. This message is for you.

Spoken word and text: Onias Landveld

Production: Tom Dello

Camera and edit: Takis Tap

With the support of: Gemeente Den Haag, STET The English Theatre, Inspired Care, Surfpoel